Vitamin D3 400 IU Drops

Vitamin D3 is the most important vitamin for the healthy functioning of our body. Vitamin D3 deficiency is observed in more than 50% of the population of our country due mainly to the cold climate and a small number of sunny days. One serving of the product contains 100 mcg of vitamin D3, which is equivalent to


The active form of vitamin D3 in this supplement activates the immune system, regulates the central nervous system, stimulates calcium absorption, supports cognitive functions and the healthy development of the child


Nutrient information
Ingredient Average Per Drop
Vitamin D3 10.0 mcg (200%*)
*EC NRV = Nutrient reference Value,


The most important factor in choosing the liquid form of vitamin D3 is the rate of absorption and assimilation by the body. Choosing a liquid form, you first of all get an almost instant effect. In liquid form, vitamin D3 is less irritating to the stomach and upper respiratory tract of a person.



Even with an integrated approach in the development of the drug, there are individual cases in which a person with a special situation needs to adjust his dosage of the drug. In liquid form, it is easier to do this and independently monitor the dosage of the drug.



Convenient packaging, often on the road you want to take with you as few medicines as possible, and especially those that take up a lot of space. Vitamin D3 in a convenient liquid form and compact package, is universal, you can adjust the dosage, does not interfere in your pocket.


We live in an amazing world where nature, in the ecosystem of which our body exists, observes a strict balance for the continuation of life. Millions of years of evolution have enabled and adapted us to benefit from natural sources. The sun is one such example, if you use it correctly, you can naturally feed your body with vitamin D3. This is such an important and at the same time natural way of obtaining energy that it would be foolish not to use it.

Our success formula involves not only high-quality raw materials and balanced composition, but also storage conditions. Manufactures often try to cut packaging costs by choosing cheaper shipping methods and packaging. We followed a different path. We chose environmentally friendly and recyclable materials – glass and aluminum. Learn more about our packaging materials in section “technologies”.