Multivit & Minerals – includes a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals for total health support. The supplement contains optimal dosages of macro and microelements, it is Grassberg’s proprietary solution.

Regular use of this supplement will help to:

  • Strengthen the immune system.
  • Strengthen the cardiovascular system.
  • Maintain the beauty and youth of the body.
  • Stabilize the central nervous system and improve cognitive function.
  • Support hair, nails and skin health.


Vitamin B complex – is responsible for the beauty and youthfulness of the body. It strengthens the immune system, improves overall health, and supports the central nervous system.

Calcium – is one of the key minerals in the body. It supports the musculoskeletal and the central nervous systems and is essential for many body processes.

Magnesium – is involved in bone formation. It also regulates the nervous system, carbohydrate metabolism and energy metabolism of cells.

Zinc – is an essential microelement and it plays an important role in glucose metabolism. It is also a component of many enzymes.

Vitamin E – has antioxidant properties.

Vitamin D – enhances absorption of calcium, strengthens the musculoskeletal system, has numerous effects on cells within the immune system.

And 15 more nutrients for optimal health!


Each capsule contains
Magnesium 99,6 mg
Vitamin C 80 mg
Inositol 50 mg
Iron 14 mg
Zinc 10 mg
Vitamin E 12 mg
Niacin 16 mg
Pantothenic acid 6 mg
Manganese 2 mg
Vitamin A 800 mcg
Copper 1 mg
Vitamin B12 2,5 mcg
Vitamin D3 5 mcg
Vitamin B6 1,4 mg
Riboflavin 1,4 mg
Thiamine 1,1 mg
Iodine 150 mcg
Folic acid 200 mcg
Molybdenum 50 mcg
Sodium 55 mcg
Biotin 50 mcg


Most of our body consists of water – that is why minerals play a major role in maintaining the balance of water in the body page3image49255088contains two types of minerals: macro and microelements. They can be taken daily, which is so important for our bodies.

  • Magnesium
  • Iodine
  • Zink
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Copper


Vitamins are organic compounds that come primarily from the foods we eat.
Vitamins regulate metabolism, catalyze biochemical reactions, help to absorb various minerals.

Proper functioning of the body is impossible without sufficient and balanced daily vitamin intake.


Manufacturing technology of supplement is Grassberg’s proprietary solution It is commonly known that vitamins are very “capricious” organic substances, they are easily destroyed by heating, direct sunlight, or improper storage conditions. And if vitamins become less effective, the absorption efficiency of minerals also decreases. It is very important not only to produce, but also to preserve by implementing new technologies and more resistant packaging materials.

People who are physically fit and have healthy eating habits can get the required amounts vitamins and minerals through food alone, as long as they eat a well-balanced diet. But the environment is one of the factors that should not be overlooked. In some cases, it can be more harmful than we are used to thinking. And when the body does not get enough macro and microelements, multivitamin-multimineral supplements can save the day.

Moreover, there are several risk groups: elderly people, people with genetic diseases, those who have a less varied diet, pregnant women whose mineral requirements double.

If you consider yourself to be in one of these categories, we recommend that you consult with a healthcare professional and choose the right balanced product.