Magnesium Premium B6

Magnesium is a broad-spectrum component and an important part of more than 300 enzymes. Energy potential of the body highly depends on the amount of magnesium involved in various processes in all organs and tissues of the body. This is especially true for heart and loaded muscles that are high energy consumers. 

According to scientists, an adult body normally contains approximately 25 g magnesium. Most of the magnesium is located in bones in the form of phosphates and bicarbonate. 


Indications for use:

  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Endocrine diseases (diabetes).
  • Nervous system diseases.
  • Osteoarticular diseases.
  • Respiratory Diseases.
  • Male and female reproductive system diseases.

Suggested use:
Take 1 capsules daily with any meal.

Do not take if you are allergic to or intolerant of some ingredients in the supplement. Not intended for use by pregnant or nursing women.


Amount of nutrients per serving (1 capsule):
Serving size: 1 capsule
Ingredient Amount, mg % NRV
Magnesium 120 mg.  32
Vitamin B6 6 mg. 429


It is important for everybody to maintain the sufficient magnesium level every day. You can get it from food, and together with the magnesium that you already have in your body (which is 2/3 of the recommended daily value), this element is responsible for your well-being. As we know, the first signs of magnesium deficiency is often fatigue. We should not forget about the heart, as magnesium level determines the way nerve impulses are transmitted for muscle contraction, which in turn directly influences the cardiovascular system. 


First of all, you can get it from natural sources such as nuts, dried fruits, legumes, whole grains and bananas with bran. The highest concentration of magnesium, which is almost 1/4 of the required daily intake, is found in the green pigment of plants in dark green leafy vegetables. 

If your calculations are correct and can get sufficient daily dosage of magnesium naturally – it is great! But if you are experiencing problems with nutrition and you cannot get enough vegetables, fruits, and nuts in your diet, we recommend that you try Magnesium B by Grassberg.


Magnesium is one of the essential components of the human body. It is involved in over 300 processes. Naturally, the body uses a lot of magnesium every day, especially during increased physical activity. Sometimes even the ample amount of magnesium may not be enough. At this stage, the body starts to make compromises. It redirects most of the magnesium to primary tasks and the residual amount to the rest. A person can experience extreme fatigue, bone and tooth ache, muscle spasms or numbness, as well as cardiovascular diseases.