LECITHIN 1200 mg

Lecithin is a bioactive phospholipid complex; it is choline and inositol. For the liver Lecithin serves as a natural source of essential fatty acids, that protect the cells and help to restore the damaged structure.


One of the most important health benefits of lecithin is its ability to lower cholesterol, that in turn lowers the risk of atherosclerosis, dyslipoproteinemia. Lecithin can also improve cardiovascular health and support the body in case of intense mental and neuro-emotional stress.

Lecithin can also be beneficial in case of:

  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • problem-prone skin: psoriasis, eczema, herpes, neurodermatitis, etc.
  • stomach diseases, prevention of kidney stone disease
  • growth and developmental problems, paralysis, and hyperkinesia
  • osteoporosis

Suggested Use:
Adults take 1 capsule daily with any meal.


60 capsules

Each capsule contains
Phospholipids 1200 mg


Let us take a closer look at the composition because nothing can be more objective. So, why is lecithin a synonym of phospholipids? Because 2/3 of it is actually phospholipids, which determines its protective and restorative properties.

Phospholipids, choline and inositol, are what cell membranes are constructed from. They are present in the entire body, maintaining natural metabolism. In addition to that, upon entering the body, lecithin takes part in complex chemical processes, which produce various acids, choline, glycerin – components essential for the development of the nervous system, brain, normal liver function, transport of fats.


The development of the child’s body is directly affected by sufficient lecithin intake. Lecithin deficiency may lead to delay in the nervous system, brain and speech development. Common symptoms are irritability, distraction, memory impairment, and fatigue. Before use, consult your healthcare professional regarding dosages and requirements.

Lecithin daily intake is recommended at 5-7 gm, but these numbers may vary depending on sex, age, and lifestyle. However, an average diet does not satisfy these requirements, which affects the well-being of the body.