D3 4000 IU

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins, essential for the normal functioning of the body. More than 50% of our country’s population does not get sufficient amounts of vitamin D. That is mostly due to cold climate and few sunny days during the year.
One serving of the product contains 100 mcg of Vitamin D.


The active form of vitamin D3 in this supplement activates the immune system, regulates the central nervous system, stimulates calcium absorption, supports cognitive functions and the healthy development of the child


90 capsules
Each capsule contains
Ingredient Amount, mg
Vitamin D3 100 mcg


Vitamin D3 was discovered almost a century ago, but we are still learning about its numerous health benefits. Besides its main function that provides bone mineralization and normal development of bones and ligaments, vitamin D3 is very important for hair, nails and teeth health. Vitamin D3 stimulates calcium absorption, improve coagulation, and strengthens the immune system.


The main active component of Vitamin D3 is cholecalciferol. It inhibits the growth of malignant neoplasms, stimulates the immune response to viruses and bacteria. Cholecalciferol helps to fight inflammation and prevents the development of psoriasis and eczema for groups at risk. Vitamin D3 has a positive effect on the respiratory function of the lungs. It also facilitates the treatment of pneumonia.


There is a number of ways the body can get vitamin D3. It can be synthesized in the skin by exposure to UVB radiation or be ingested with food and vitamin supplements.

Our success formula involves not only high-quality raw materials and balanced composition, but also storage conditions. Manufactures often try to cut packaging costs by choosing cheaper shipping methods and packaging. We followed a different path. We chose environmentally friendly and recyclable materials – glass and aluminum. Learn more about our packaging materials in section “technologies”.